Month: May 2020

Gallery Update – 2020 Candids

The gallery has been updated with 167 LQ – HQ candids of Angelina out and about enjoying life so far in 2020.

The sightings show Angelina strolling through California while doing some shopping, buying flowers of stocking up food in Los Angeles with her children. The albums cover dates from January to March, before Corona started to prevent everyone from going outsite. Enjoy!

Grand Opening

Welcome to the grand opening of Angelina Jolie Web, your newest online resource and fansite dedicated to none other than the lovely miss Angelina Jolie.

We aim to provide you with the latest news and updated on Angelina’s most recent movie and charity projects. Obviously, the site is still under major construction, but our intention is to offer you the largest collection of Angelina photos and the most detailed information assembly regarding Angelina’s life, projects and filmography.

If you’re interested in donating content, such as images that are still missing, facts and trivia we haven’t listed yet or fan art that was created by yourself, feel free to contact us here. Everything will be credited, of course.

For now, enjoy your stay.