Angelina Addresses the Need to Invest in Education for Refugees

by Debby
On Monday, Angelina took part in an Unesco livestream to call on the world to invest in education for refugees.

On Monday, July 13, Angelina took part as Special Envoy in an Unesco and UNHCR livestream and warned that children without access to proper remote learning tools “may never” return to school unless something is urgently done. Therefore, she is advocating to ensure education in select countries continues amid the coronavirus pandemic.

The purpose of the livestream was in the hopes that other countries will match the aid the United Kingdom has budgeted for 10 of the world’s poorest refugee populated countries, according to UNESCO. Baroness Liz Sugg, the U.K. Special Envoy for Girls’ Education, announced that the country is pledging £5.3 million (about $6 million) in aid to support teachers and refugee children in lesser resourced areas for the next seven months.

“If you were a refugee child before the pandemic,you are already twice as likely to be out of school than other children.”

“For millions of children and youth, schools are a lifeline of opportunity as well as a shield. Classrooms offer protection — or at least a reprieve — from violence, exploitation and other difficult circumstances,” Angelina said.

Watch the entire live stream above.

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