Angelina and her Kids Land Back in Burbank

by Debby
It seems Angelina and her twins Vivienne and Knox had taken a break from the Corona crisis.

On July 23, Angelina and her 12-year old twins Vivienne and Knox have been spotted leaving a private plane as they landed back in Burbank, California after a quick trip out of town.  It’s unknown where the family had spent some time and when they’d left. It couldn’t have been too long though since she’d been spotted in Hollywood on July 20.

In addition to her face mask, Angelina wore a knee-length black dress with a flowing long duster over it for the ride. She was also wearing her tan Valentino logo slide sandals which she’s been spotted wearing a couple of times already during the summer. Her hair was pulled up in a half-pony tail, with her ends tucked behind her hair wrap. And last, she was wearing brown sunglasses that protected her eyes from the sun.

The two LQ images have been added to the photo gallery.

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